Ferretti, Geleng, Burchiellaro alongside the filmmaker from the set with Donati up to the birth of Venusia


Dreaming for the Maestro

by Valentina Venturi

Three production designers for one director: Dante Ferretti, Antonello Geleng and Giantito Burchiellaro, three professionals who found their creative fulcrum in Federico Fellini, whom the crews called “beacon” and universally considered the tamer of the cinema circus. Before them, Piero Gherardi and Danilo Donati had tied their name closely with that of the director and given substance to Fellini’s dreams. Danilo Donati, also costume designer for many of Fellini’s masterpieces, is remembered for his ability to transfigure reality into Federico Fellini’s surreal landscape, creating with him a combination capable of leading to extreme consequences the vision of cinema as a moving painting, but without any concession to nineteenth-century naturalism.
The sodality continued with Dante Ferretti. Roberto Cicutto, then president of Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, turned to him, along with his life and professional partner Francesca Lo Schiavo, to pay homage to the director’s centenary at Cinecittà. For Felliniana – Ferretti dreams Fellini, a permanent exhibition inside the Palazzina Fellini, the production designer has given form to a transfer between his private and professional story: an immersion in Fellini’s imagination.