The merit goes to D'Inzillo Sweet Mode for having engineered
the costumes created by the Portuguese artist for Progetto Händel


The tutu, a sculpture in movement

by Lucia Nigri

The freedom of dance and the creative freedom of artist Helena de Medeiros are combined in the costumes designed for Progetto Händel at the Teatro alla Scala, costumes with revolutionary constructions realised by Paola D’Inzillo and her staff, who, this year, were also requested by the Bolshoi Theatre for the Russian production company MuzArts, now on tour around the world with the étoile Svetlana Zakharova.
«I met Medeiros three years ago – says Paola D’Inzillo – I had won a tender for therealisation of the costumes of a ballet for a strings and harpsichord quintet with Roberto Bolle and Svetlana Zakharova, with choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti. I saw the drawings in the tender: real works of art. The ballet was divided in two parts: the first act, where the costumes had to be plane figures, and the second act, where they had to be solid figures. An incredible challenge. Helena de Medeiros, the costume designer, is in fact a painter and sculptor. I worked on her “paintings”, reconstructing her “architectures” in a meticulous way. We had to make prototypes as realistic as possible in which I chose fabrics and solutions that, in my opinion, could obtain a faithful aesthetic result but at the same time fulfil all those technical needs that a ballet costume requires».