«As a production designer, he excelled in sound stages and was a magician in finding perfect locations»

Luciano Ricceri

That mythical East built for Montaldo

by Francesca Romana Buffetti

«Of Luciano Ricceri? I remember the hug I would give him every time for what he had managed to do»: it has been a loving friendship that links Giuliano Montaldo to the production designer, born as the result of a long and profitable artistic collaboration to which we owe some milestones in the history of cinema, television and opera. «We met forty years ago, for Marco Polo, a titanic work in which we had to overcome many difficulties: we filmed in three continents, moving from Europe to Palestine and the Persian Gulf to Mongolia and China. And each time Luciano did something extraordinary».
Broadcasted in 8 episodes, between 1982 and 1983, Marco Polo is still remembered as one of the great Rai dramas of worldwide importance, transmitted over time in as many as 46 countries. Directed by Montaldo, sets by Luciano Ricceri and Paolo Biagetti, costumes by Enrico Sabbatini, photography by Pasqualino De Santis and music by Ennio Morricone: one of the most resounding audience successes of Italian TV with an average of more than 26 million viewers per episode.