Gucci’s designer accompagnied by Fellini
revealed the behind the scenes of the fashion show


The enchantment that does not fade

by Clara Tosi Pamphili

There is an indissoluble link between Cinema and Fashion, I don’t say Costume because I don’t want to reiterate what has already been clear from the first human clothing and representations, widely treated in any text of Fashion and Costume History.
I mean Cinema as the construction of an event that transforms the spectator from voyeur to Voyager, from spectator to traveller into another dimension. Even the apparently simpler show that recounts a Fashion collection carries creative dynamics identical to those necessary to materialize a story, to visualize the Mood.
The Mood is the script of a fashion collection, the search for images, the historical, artistic and literary references filtered by the vision and style of the designer/director that generate a whole series of choices, very similar to the making of a film. Just think of the term casting, the choice of models who must not only physically wear the clothes but also play a role that expresses the brand’s style.